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Samsung galaxy M20-full review and specifications

Samsung galaxy M20-full review and specifications

Samsung galaxy M20-full review
    So hello guys my name is kamesh & my website link is www.mytechknowledger.blogspot.com & I want to give thanks Mr.Vishal that give me chance to write a article in his website.so today we detail talk about Samsung m20 hence without wasting our time Let’s get start it 🤘
Samsung galaxy M20-Design
It have very smooth design with plastic body & the back panel was awesome.
In this phone we have triple slot & dual 4G volt &wide one L1 support means you can see Netflix , YouTube video in HD but NFC is not available & all sensor are available in this phone
Hence we talk to his speaker-
Samsung galaxy m20-speaker
so bro sound quality of this speaker is good but I think that Samsung can improve better in this phone .It have Type-C- PORT with fast charging  . I am not said that design was awesome and not said that bad It is medium . According to me  Samsung try better & enter in midrange market.
Samsung galaxy M20-Notch display
In front we have a V -shape notch & this notch Samsung say Infinity V display it give very attractive look of the phone with rounded corners chin I will compare his chin to Max pro M2.
& the chin was very low give modern look with 6.3 inch TFT Display  which is very good display It have Dragon TM pro glass which is known as Tough glass HD display
Samsung galaxy M20-full camera review
It have primary sensor 13 MP F1.9 apprature second is Ultra wide display lens.
but it can’t manage highlights because A.I is not present in phone.
Samsung galaxy M20-battery review
I will say that Samsung rocked with type C-port & 15 watt charger with box in short support Fast charging &charge full phone in 2 hours
It have EXYNOS 7904 PROCESSOR AND THIS PROCESSOR is not very good and not very bad It have 4 GB RAM LPD PR×RAM with clean U.I with 128 GB INTERNAL STORAGE.
     Hence this is kamesh by✋


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